Blank page after install. 18.04 LAMP

Ubuntu server 18.04 with Kubuntu Desktop.

Did normal install on LAMP phpmyadmin for the database. Ran installed and all was fine.

Location: /var/www/html/wackowiki

After install I only get a blank page. View Page Source is also blank.

Changed permissions to 777 all around. Changed owner to www-data and nothing helps.

Mediawiki in /var/www/html/mediawiki installed and ran fine.


  1. Tried Again on another server

    Second server install also failed. Failed in two locations. Still nothing but a blank page. It says all went well and then nothing.

    What am I missing?

    Below is my final config from the third attempt

    // config.php written at Fri Nov 29 14:50:06 2019
    // detailed description
    // do not change wacko_version manually!
    $wacko_config = [
    	'base_url' => '',
    	'database_charset' => 'latin1',
    	'database_collation' => '0',
    	'database_driver' => 'mysqli_legacy',
    	'database_engine' => 'InnoDB',
    	'database_host' => 'localhost',
    	'database_port' => '3306',
    	'database_database' => 'wackowiki',
    	'database_user' => 'wiki',
    	'database_password' => 'wiki',
    	'sql_mode_strict' => '0',
    	'table_prefix' => 'wacko_',
    	'system_seed' => 'mXt81W30B(3p9MRc96dK',
    	'recovery_password' => '',
    	'hashid_seed' => '03&4-~oS3&5Ke~b&@6T7',
    	'wacko_version' => '5.5.15',

  2. Thanks but still same

    I have read the article. That is what I did. Must be some odd error somewhere. But it doesn't work on my laptop(ub server with Kub on top) nor on the Production Server.

    Thanks for the help.

  3. Enable error reporting

    You can enable error reporting in the config/constant.php -> const PHP_ERROR_REPORTING = 6; and check error logs.


    Additional you can try if it works with disabled ModRewrite to narrow down the source of the error.

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  4. Never got it to work. Switching to MediaWiki

    I tried to no avail to get this to work. I have a friend who I trust who swears by WackoWiki and neither of us could figure this out. At this point I need to move forward and will install mediawiki.

    You have a great product here. The error is probably my own.

  5. Re: Never got it to work.

    It would be nice to identify the error source to tell others how to solve the issue. If you turn error reporting on, you should get a feedback about what went wrong. You're not the first reporting issues getting WackoWiki deployed on Ubuntu. Did you tried to turn mode_rewrite OFF? And what is the error log saying?

    We do test WackoWiki locally with XAMPP and on our server (shared hosting).
    You can try to run it in a different local/remote environment till the error source is found if that is feasible.