Trouble setting up Admin password hash

Could someone help translate this documentation? I'm unsure what {{admin_recovery}} means as an end user. The docs don't really explain this at least not here.

  1. to login define the recovery_password in the config/config.php file first
    1. Call the {{admin_recovery}} action as Admin and generate the password hash for your recovery_password
    2. Add the password hash: 'recovery_password' => 'add hash here',
  2. Don't forget to delete the _cache/config/config.php afterwards. (manually or via the admincache action)
  3. Call yourwiki/admin.php
  4. Enter your recovery password


  1. Re: Trouble setting up Admin password hash

    These are the HowTo steps for the screenshots below to create and set the password for the Admin panel access. Simply follow the example screenshots.

    1. You call the action to generate the password hash.
    2. You create your password hash.
    3. You set the password hash in your config.php
    4. You delete the config cache.
    5. You now can login as Admin into the Admin panel using the defined password.

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  2. Re: Trouble setting up Admin password hash

    Call – invoke.

    Wiki actions are scripts that you can embed in any page by using the following syntax within a page: {{actionname}}

    For instance, if you call up the Whats new page and look at the wiki text, you will see {{whatsnew}}.
    Another very simple example can be found here: /Dev/PatchesHacks/GetIP

    Now you only need to insert the name of the action with the associated parameters into a new or existing page (via edit page), in your case just {{admin_recovery}}.
    WackoWiki configure Admin panel access step 1: via action {{admin_recovery}}

    Save the page and you will see the form for creating the recovery password, if you're logged in as an Admin (member of the Admins group).
    Screenshot: WackoWiki configure Admin panel access step 2: create password hash

    See also WackoWiki Markup -> Concept of Actions.
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