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How to find WikiAdmin password? tuitruth
27.10.2023 07:24
1 197 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 08:12
How to find lost Admin password? I don't have the email service setup yet and email set for the admin is not active yet..
How to reset password of Admin account? Capixo
25.06.2022 15:12
7 1,278 WikiAdmin
30.06.2022 09:39
Hello Everyone, I am administrator of my WackoWiki website but unfortunately I forget my password. And when I tried to sent reset email, I just didn't receive any emails in my registered email address. But I didn't see any error occupied wh[...]
User password reset by Admin? Swissmorgy
06.12.2012 09:14
1 2,552 WikiAdmin
06.12.2012 18:40
Hello, I'm the admin of a page and have access to the Database. (How) Can I reset the password of a user that has never confirmed his mail and therefore cannot reset the password via mail? Thanks for help! Swissmorgy [..]