How to reset password of Admin account?

Hello Everyone,

I am administrator of my WackoWiki website but unfortunately I forget my password. And when I tried to sent reset email, I just didn't receive any emails in my registered email address. But I didn't see any error occupied when I clicked the reset button.
How can I resolve it? It seems I can not use Admin panel or recovery password as common ways.

Thank you for any help.


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    This can happen, especially if you work on a local testing stack like XAMPP without outbound e-mail configured. When this first happened to me, I was quite puzzled.


    Create a new account, then go in phpMyAdmin or similar to the user table and the usergroup table.
    Add the user_id of your new account and the group_id of the Admins group in a new record in the usergroup_member table.

    user table
    user_id user_name ... email_confirm
    4 AccountName ... 5674baa2364e9d79...

    usergroup table
    group_id group_name ...
    1 Admins ...

    usergroup_member table
    group_id user_id
    1 4
    The values may differ in your case.

    Now login with the new account and you should now as member of the Admins group be able to login into the Admin panel.

    Regarding your e-mail, please check if you confirmed your e-mail, you see this in the email_confirm field in the user table - which should be empty.
    If you can login into the Admin panel, you can send you an test e-mail in the e-mail module.

    More about the debug options tomorrow.
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    I am following your advice and try to create a new user first. However, after I changed the config table _ allow _ register to value 1 I still can't register a new user. The page notify "Registration is not open. Please contact the administrator".
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    Please go to the config table and change the config_value for allow_registration to 1.

    config_name config_value default
    allow_registration 1 0

    Delete the old cache file under cache/config/config.php.
    Now you should be able to register a new user.
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    Thank you for all these advice. But when I finished the steps that you mentioned, as well as followed the this configuration I still can't access the admin page. I just get a notify that the administrative password specified. Note: lack of an admin password is a security threat! Enter the password in the configuration file and run the program again.

    The most important thing is how could I reset my previous admin account's password after I followed these steps? I hope I can restart to login my previous admin account. Thank you.
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    We should write a short walk through later for other users.

    The following issues must be solved:
    1. Access to the Admin panel
    2. E-mail settings in the Admin panel, so your WackoWiki can send outbound messages properly.
    3. E-mail confirmation for your account, so you are able to receive e-mails, which is also the prerequisite to reset your password.

    Once your e-mail settings work again, you can reset also your forgotten password for your first account.

    To get access the Admin panel you must set the recovery_password first.
    Please follow the steps described here: Create a Recovery-Password

    If you get the following message, despite you already set the recovery_password, you probably have forgot to delete the old cached config file:
    Note: The absence of an administrative password is threat to security! Enter your password in the configuration file and run the program again.	

    Delete the old cache file under cache/config/config.php. You can do this with your second admin account using the {{admincache}} action.

    Now access the Admin panel and configure your email settings. (please improve the documentation and translation in your language if something is missing or not well described)
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    I have resolved my.previous issue now. But I have questions about my recovery_password. I tried to paste the password hash value to the config.php but seems I can never save it successfully. Everytime I reopen the config.php file, the recovery_password' hash value will be erased and be empty.
    I don't know why it is. And I did actually have deleted the cache everytime I create a recovery_password and pasted the hash value.
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    To me it looks like a file permission issue, please check the write permissions of your config.php.
    Wen you try to edit the file and it won't save the changes, it is likely you have no write permissions.

    edit config file via FileZilla
    Edit config file via FileZilla.

    set file permissions for config file via FileZilla
    Set file permissions for config file via FileZilla.

    You must adjust the file permissions according to the permission group you're in.

    1. Check if your config/config.php has write permissions.
    2. Set write permission.
    3. Add your recovery_password hash.
    4. Save & upload the file.
    5. Remove the write permission for the file again.
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