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How to find WikiAdmin password? tuitruth
27.10.2023 07:24
1 264 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 08:12
How to find lost Admin password? I don't have the email service setup yet and email set for the admin is not active yet..
Cannot get SMTP mail to work Raysir
21.05.2014 04:27
2 1,786 Raysir
23.05.2014 05:42
I want to use SMTP mail on a Linux Ubuntu machine. Can someone please help me with getting this set up? Also, it is not clear to me how to get changes to the config.php file to propigate to the MySQL wacko_config table. Also, do I make c[..]
User password reset by Admin? Swissmorgy
06.12.2012 09:14
1 2,638 WikiAdmin
06.12.2012 18:40
Hello, I'm the admin of a page and have access to the Database. (How) Can I reset the password of a user that has never confirmed his mail and therefore cannot reset the password via mail? Thanks for help! Swissmorgy [..]