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This page should give some ideas of how you can contribute to the WackoWiki project.

I get the question of “Where should I start?” fairly often and my advice is just don’t even ask that question. It’s more like if you’re not interested enough in one particular area that you already know what you want to try to do, don’t do it. Just let it go and then when you hit something where you say, “I could do this better” and you actually feel motivated enough that you go from saying that to doing that, you will have answered that question yourself. -- Linus Torvalds

1. you are a ...

1.1. user

Share your experience

Every user can help others or provide developers with useful information.

  • Report bugs
  • Contribute ideas
  • Give feedback
  • Help other WackoWiki users

1.2. writer

Good writers can make WackoWiki accessible to more people.

1.3. teacher

Use WackoWiki in education process and spread the knowledge of wiki technology usage.

1.4. translator

Contribute your language skills

1.5. designer

Designers can make WackoWiki easier to use and more appealing.

1.6. facilitator

Help others to progress in everyday WackoWiki practice, bring new people to use WackoWiki.

Do first-line support. All communities have a place where newcomers arrive and ask questions. Be there, observe how new visitors get lost, what mistakes they make, and improve your designs accordingly. Perhaps the mission confuses them. Or maybe the structures are confusing. A good designer sympathizes with his users, feels their pain, and works to relieve it.

1.7. administrator

Preconfigure WackoWiki installation package for automated installation in various hosting panels, create and support automatic update scripts for these custom installation packages to keep WackoWiki up-to-date.

1.8. developer

Contribute your computer skills

  • Work on the source code

WackoWiki is an open source project, which means that the program is maintained and developed by volunteers. If you're interested in contributing work to the project, see our developer page for further information on how you may contribute.

You can help with the development of the engine by using and testing the development version and providing patches for bugfixes, minor enhancements and documentation.


There are couple of preferred ways to submit your changes for inclusion:

  • pull request from your personal clone
  • Mercurial bundle files
  • patch files - in Mercurial patch format to keep the author info etc.

Pull request from your personal clone (in Bitbucket or other public server) is the easiest and fastest way to get your changes included.

-> /Dev/Guidelines/ContributingPatches

WackoWiki recognizes contributions from volunteers by adding their names to the list of contributors in the release notes for each version and in the team page.

2. Reporting Bugs

  • Report every single bug that you encounter or know about into our bugs system.
  • If the bug is already reported, please add a comment to the bug report that it affects you too.
  • Giving us more information about which bugs are really important for us to fix. More information will help us make better decisions about how and when a bug should be fixed.

Anonymous users may

Registered users may

  • create tickets (bug reports or enhancement requests)
  • add comments to existing tickets
  • edit the wiki

3. Institutional Involvement

Organizations can play an active role in the community by sponsoring the project.

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