Support lifecycle

Branch Release Date Last Release Status Upgrade Path Notes
4.2 27.03.2005 R4.2 expired R4.3.x or R5.0 runs only with PHP 4
4.3 20.03.2011 R4.3.0 expired R5.0 PHP 4 / PHP 5.2 compatibility
5.0 14.03.2017 R5.0.4 passive R5.5 PHP 5.3 compatibility
5.1 17.06.2012 R5.1.0 expired R5.5
5.4 12.07.2014 R5.4.3 expired R5.5 PHP 5.4 / PHP 5.5 compatibility
5.5 25.08.2017 R5.5.0 active PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 compatibility


  • Actively maintained
  • Minimally maintained
  • Unsupported


  • Under active development
  • Maintenance fixes only
  • No further development
  • Obsolete

Phases of Support lifecycle

Type of support active passive expired Notes
Requests for features and design changes available not available no
security updates available available no
Non-security fixes available not available / paid ticket no
Complementary support (online support, etc.) available not available no
Paid support (including pay-per-incident premier, essential support ) available available

Support options

WackoWiki users have two options available for support:

Community Support

WackoWiki is supported by an active community, on a volunteer basis. Repairs/enhancements are made (or accepted) by project contributors on a best-effort basis, with no guarantees of either resolution or timeliness.

Commercial support

Service-Level-Agreement (SLA)-based production support and value-added services for WackoWiki can be acquired directly from our Partners. Multiple companies providing services and products on top of the WackoWiki platform. Support contracts or new feature developments can be bought from service companies.