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0000197WackoWikixmlpublic2011-07-19 19:39
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Summary0000197: XML-RPC - Web service with open protocol
DescriptionIMHO, we need a Web service with open protocol to communicate between several WackoWiki instances at level of wacko source. This feature supersedes "Per cluster theme" - 0000090.

And of course, it adds support to interact with third-party web engines and programs, like Wacko Processor.
Additional InformationPlease link this topic to 0000090.


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Tann San

2008-07-22 22:33

manager   ~0000424

Could you explain this in more detail, I don't see why you'd have a seperate core from the actual wiki implementations. If you want a seperate wiki on the same domain then you just put a copy of wacko in a different sub directory. If you want multiple branches with different themes then just do as I described in the "Per Page / Cluster Themes" feature.


2008-07-23 23:37

developer   ~0000432

Last edited: 2008-07-23 23:39

I'm interested to the second feature - third-party application. It would work like Semagic for LiveJournal. I'm planning to develop at least SVN-like command line utility to syncronize local file wacko sources with WackoWiki-powered site. This tool would be useful for me and, I think, others.

Source-based inter-Wacko communication ability is just side effect of this protocol. :)


2008-07-27 20:53

developer   ~0000441

Similar idea to "Wacko Win 32 GUI" on WackoIdeas:

Links here:


2008-07-27 21:11

developer   ~0000443

Another idea: (Russian)

Translated by me:

Wacko Service
May be, not found. Wacko should work as service.
Idea is here: any external consumer (forum, site, newsGroup) gives a text to the Wacko and gets back text with hyperlinks.


2009-11-05 14:08

developer   ~0000727

Mark Hissink Muller's page, see admin related features (export-import):


2011-01-02 21:34

administrator   ~0000777

Incutio XML-RPC Library for PHP (New BSD License)


2011-07-19 19:39

developer   ~0000804

Related issue on i-Forge:

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