WackoWiki: Legacy Versions

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Please note that these are old versions. New releases will have recent bug fixes and features!
To download the latest release of WackoWiki, please visit Download[link1].

Version Archive Size Changes Compatibility Upgrade Notes
R5.5.17 wacko.r5.5.17.zip[link2] 1.9 MiB  Release Notes[link3]Change Log[link4] PHP 7.0 / 7.4 depreciated
R5.4.3 wacko.r5.4.3.zip[link5] 1.3 MiB  Release Notes[link6]Change Log[link7] PHP 5.4 / 5.5 End of life
R5.0.5 wacko.r5.0.5.zip[link8] 1.3 MiB  Release Notes[link9]Change Log[link10] PHP 5.3 upgrade from R4.x[link11] only with this version End of life
R4.3 wacko.r4.3.zip[link12] 648 KiB  Release Notes[link13]Change Log[link14] PHP 4 / 5.2
End of life
R4.2 wacko.r4.2.zip[link15] 420 KiB  Change Log[link16] PHP 4 End of life
R4.0 wacko.r4.0.zip[link17] 347 KiB  Change Log[link16] PHP 4 End of life
R3.5 wacko.r3.5.zip[link18] 148 KiB  Change Log[link16] PHP 4 End of life

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