Empty edit field while it contents cyrillic characters

Trying to move wiki to another server. Just copyed files and database. Now I view pages, but can edit pages containing only latin characters. If at least one character is cyrillic edit textarea is empty. What could be the problem? Wish to move easy without completely reinstalling the engine...
P.S. Installed version 5.0


  1. Re: Empty edit field while it contents cyrillic characters

    This is an encoding issue, caused by either your PHP/server or database settings.

    What is the PHP version on your new server?
    What is the encoding of your new database and tables?

    It is likely you're using a PHP version bigger than 5.3 on your new server. With PHP 5.4 the default encoding changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8.
    In PHP 5.4 the default_charset is set to UTF-8 by default, and this change is not taken into account in versions prior to WackoWiki R5.4.x.

    Please switch your PHP version to 5.3.x or upgrade your WackoWiki to a newer version.

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