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Session duration problem   Mangalor  
  24.07.2018 07:46  
3 948 WikiAdmin
03.05.2020 11:55
There is annoying problem with session duration in WackoWiki 5.5.5 – if duration of page editing is pretty long then results of editing are not saved, the banner "Welcome back, User" appears on the top and content of the page is as before editing.
SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp"   regvg  
  15.02.2019 13:59  
5 1.384 WikiAdmin
04.05.2019 18:59
Installed wacko, all successful until finally got error message: SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp" and blocked ("rien ne va plus") Tried/checked - manually make new directory tmp + releasing rights - opened config.php and l[..]
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