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Fresh install produces a blank page   Breantique  
  08.01.2021 13:45  
8 446 Breantique
09.01.2021 13:38
Greetings Wackos I have just finished installing/setting up Wacko 6.0.15 on a XAMPP x64 7.4.13-0-VC15 (XAMPP 8.0.0-2-VS16 does not support IPS I did have to change the "const CACHE_SESSION_DIR" setting in config/constants.php. A[...]
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SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp"   regvg  
  15.02.2019 13:59  
4 1.702 WikiAdmin
04.05.2019 16:16
Installed wacko, all successful until finally got error message: SessionFileStore: inaccessible directory "/tmp" and blocked ("rien ne va plus") Tried/checked - manually make new directory tmp + releasing rights - opened config.php and l[..]
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