Released 2017-08-25
WackoWiki 5.5.0 is a security update for the stable 5.x branch. PHP 7.0 compatibility.

All installations that are currently running any 5.x version are strongly advised to upgrade to this release.
0000108: [action] redirect to personal page / page visited before login (administrator)
0000466: [core] Template engine (RideSnowNow)
0000371: [security] Random generation of table and cookie prefix before install (RideSnowNow)
0000483: [handler] add attachments handler (administrator)
0000481: [handler] add filemeta handler (administrator)
0000482: [handler] add category assignments for attachments (administrator)
0000447: [administration] Admin Panel sets mode_rewrite always on (administrator)
0000465: [core] URI router (RideSnowNow)
0000467: [core] Session Handler (RideSnowNow)
0000395: [core] anti CSRF sectoken implementation (RideSnowNow)
0000009: [wikiedit] Help button leads only to English manual (administrator)
       0000190: [wikiedit] Localize messages in WikiEdit (administrator)
0000299: [handler] Add a link to switch directly between full and simple Diff (administrator)
0000305: [installer] add option to install only a subset of languages (default pages) (administrator)
0000105: [administration] Public registration moderation by admin (administrator)
0000361: [email] disable email notifications for minor changes (administrator)
0000369: [cache] Improve caching system to pass more of Google Page Speed tests (RideSnowNow)
0000370: [appearance] add new tabs function (RideSnowNow)
0000385: [installer] installer should show sql error when upgrading (administrator)
0000393: [appearance] Use reverse hierarchy order in titles (administrator)
0000399: [installer] Installation Severely Broken on IIS 7.5 (administrator)
0000174: [appearance] System message (administrator)
0000431: [formatter] replace <a name="[p|h]1249-1"> (administrator)
0000432: [database] database: add missing default values (administrator)
0000434: [formatter] Cyrillic letter encoding issue. (administrator)
0000440: [core] wrap status messages with div class="hint|success|warning" (administrator)
0000443: [administration] Rewriting causes Admin Panel to be non accessible (user64)
0000188: [security] Enhanced Spam filtering (Elar9000)
0000444: [administration] AdminPanel -> Broken Groups management (administrator)
0000448: [handler] broken redirect after editing a page comment (administrator)
0000449: [database] convert tables from myisam to innodb engine (administrator)
0000450: [security] don't send details such as username in the cookie (administrator)
0000451: [administration] syslog filter with paging do not work properly (administrator)
0000452: [action] allow and parse missing heading levels (administrator)
0000455: [security] add configuration options for Security Headers (administrator)
0000456: [formatter] remove double nested pre tag if highlighter class is used (administrator)
0000457: [cache] Random headers in wiki's HTTP responses (administrator)
0000458: [security] Check whether opendir() was successful (administrator)
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