Scheduled For Release 2022-11-28
Future feature release
0000013: [security] LDAP or authentification plugins
0000131: [editing] Configure text editor toolbar through web interface
0000071: [wikiedit] Misplaced shortcuts preventing typing of certain characters
0000048: [editing] Display diff on edit collision
0000004: [wikiedit] Striking out big block of text shall not strikeout lines already striked out.
0000187: [editing] Page Content Templates
0000268: [wikiedit] add color picker on the text editor tool bar
0000263: [wikiedit] undo & redo
0000120: [renaming] show renaming (old - new) link in Recent Changes
0000402: [appearance] make Wackowiki mobile friendly
0000409: [wikiedit] in some keyboard layouts entering @ is not possible.
0000304: [cache] PageViewCache
0000336: [localization] Have a base language file that the localisation ones can overwrite
0000050: [editing] Add threaded comments
0000352: [core] Wacko-powered forum
0000083: [core] Use SQL Prepared Statements
0000011: [localization] Wish: page translation support (administrator)
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