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Moving from one domain to another: any automated process already done to changes the urls?   XaRz  
  25.04.2020 19:31  
2 223 XaRz
25.04.2020 23:24
Hi, I'm new to wackowiki and I've surely done the things wrong. I moved my wiki from domainA to domainB with only changing the config file and moving the db and web files. Well, the urls are pointing yet to domainA . I need to rewrite [...]
Embedding an iframe   Dave114  
  24.07.2012 06:05  
1 2.237 WikiAdmin
24.07.2012 16:50
Just wondering if there's any way to get WackoWiki to permit me to embed things like Google Maps in an iframe. I've got a private wiki, only accessible by authorized users and only editable by a further restricted subset so I'm not worried[..]
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