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0000352WackoWikicorepublic2011-08-25 00:26
ReporterFreeman Assigned To 
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Target Version7.0.x 
Summary0000352: Wacko-powered forum
DescriptionTo complete forum features we need:

  * Add separated, dedicated document title that should thread subject

  * Implement {{thread}} action, where thread should be a chain of first document (topic start) and it comments (discussion), visible as linear (or optionally hierarchial) thread

  * Implement {{board}} action that displays a feed with clickable thread links. Could be {{tag "Name"}} that displays the feed tagged with "Name"

  * Because our forum is not traditional, strict-hierarchied and BBCode-powered, we should make it fully innovative, board-free forum, that uses only tagging to link threads into logical groups.

For example, some thread like "How can I implement an action invented by myself" could be linked to "PHP", "SQL" and "regular expressions" boards simultaneously via tags.

  * Implement {{cloud}} action

  * Implement start page for the forum, that contains only search (use the search - the general moderator's headache) and tag cloud

For the minimum, our forum should use Wacko markup instead of BBCode. "Wacko parser as separate product" subject is already actual (0000198).

Forum-like adoption of Wacko markup contains:

  * ((11)) - digits-only link is a thread. Thread starts from a document outside of hierarchy with other wiki and has numeric supertag. To implement this feature we need separate title field, because thread has no hierarchy but has a subject

  * ((11#‚Äč25)) - direct link to the thread post, trivial

  * ((user:Skipper)) - link to a forum member (user). To impement it, we need separate cluster for user profiles and link it via interwiki prefix (0000291)

 * ((tag:PHP)) - link to the discussion (board) tagged with PHP
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2010-02-22 17:49

developer   ~0000742

I'm not sure how it applicable to 0000198 because that feature was intended for use of Wacko parser outside of WackoWiki itself, but here is describing a forum that fully integrated with Wacko core


2010-02-22 20:09

administrator   ~0000743

added initial changes with rev1096


2011-08-25 00:26

developer   ~0000808

I'm strage but I don't think about it the same way as I wrote above. These actions are not needed (or optional). Wacko-powered forum should implement service environment via engine-driven service pages controlled via admin panel, not via actions (or optional via actions). Proper model is also needed and it's important.

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