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Embedding Youtube code: possible? Swissmorgy
03.06.2011 15:31
2 6,589 WikiAdmin
10.09.2015 15:54
Is it possible to embed a Youtube video with the code given by Youtube like this:
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Move entire wiki onto a new server marius
25.02.2015 14:50
1 1,960 WikiAdmin
27.04.2015 12:44
Does anybody have an idea how I can (hopefully easily) transfer my entire WackoWiki from one machine/server onto another? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks! [..]
How to add privacy policy and terms of use page gference
26.10.2014 18:31
3 1,780 WikiAdmin
03.11.2014 18:56
Most websites have links such as About, Privacy, Terms, Contact, etc... in a menu located in the footer. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in WackoWiki? I did see the following code in the default footer.php file but I have no idea w[..]
Admin Panel Recovery Key IberlW
05.12.2012 14:14
5 2,266 WikiAdmin
28.05.2014 16:10
Hello Community, i´m a developer who recently joined your community. I have some questions. I installed Wacko Wiki onto funpic hosting. But i can not log into the admin panel with recovery key and i ´m not requested for an user account. Ca[..]
Cannot get SMTP mail to work Raysir
21.05.2014 04:27
2 1,640 Raysir
23.05.2014 05:42
I want to use SMTP mail on a Linux Ubuntu machine. Can someone please help me with getting this set up? Also, it is not clear to me how to get changes to the config.php file to propigate to the MySQL wacko_config table. Also, do I make c[..]
Error loading WackoWiki DBAL: could not establish database connection WikiAdmin
29.07.2013 01:54
0 805 (29.07.2013 01:54)
If you got this error message and having a blank config file, please check your _cache/config/. Delete the old _cache/config/config.php if there is one to get on. [..]
User password reset by Admin? Swissmorgy
06.12.2012 09:14
1 2,469 WikiAdmin
06.12.2012 18:40
Hello, I'm the admin of a page and have access to the Database. (How) Can I reset the password of a user that has never confirmed his mail and therefore cannot reset the password via mail? Thanks for help! Swissmorgy [..]
Upgrade to 5.x WikiAdmin
18.03.2012 17:36
2 2,312 Swissmorgy
27.10.2012 20:11
If you have questions or problems upgrading your previous version to WackoWiki 5.x [..]
Embedding an iframe Dave114
24.07.2012 06:05
1 2,722 WikiAdmin
24.07.2012 16:50
Just wondering if there's any way to get WackoWiki to permit me to embed things like Google Maps in an iframe. I've got a private wiki, only accessible by authorized users and only editable by a further restricted subset so I'm not worried[..]
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Moving WackoWiki to a new server Swissmorgy
03.06.2011 15:26
4 5,566 Swissmorgy
03.09.2011 23:09
Hello Wacko insiders I need to move a WackoWiki with all its contents to another server. How do I proceed? Thanks in advance for help or hints! Morgy (-)