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Stopping without error while testing database DenisDev
17.03.2023 06:26
3 365 WikiAdmin
11.11.2023 20:22
Hello everybody, Tried to install WackoWiki. Get 500 Server Error with no description while trying to create tables by setup script. Got success on Testing DB conntection and then nothing. I have founded that problem was in file install[...]
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How to set wiki to private? tuitruth
27.10.2023 10:33
1 162 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 11:57
How to set wiki to private?
How to find WikiAdmin password? tuitruth
27.10.2023 07:24
1 179 WikiAdmin
27.10.2023 08:12
How to find lost Admin password? I don't have the email service setup yet and email set for the admin is not active yet..
Unable To Format Windows Bat Script Contain %% coffe1nk
19.08.2023 14:22
3 362 WikiAdmin
21.08.2023 11:47
Hi Admin, I am trying to format windows bat script that containt double percent in the script. How to fix bat script format?
Only seeing index page 404 on other pages Wizball
17.01.2021 16:42
3 809 EoNy
10.05.2023 12:47
Just done an install, there where no errors during he install and the index page page shows fine. If I click on login link I get a 404 not found error. I have installed it on my ubuntu box running php 7.4, mysql and apache2. Any ideas? m[...]
Backup & restore snots
07.03.2023 13:20
3 356 WikiAdmin
08.03.2023 12:35
Hi, I'm trying to backup and restore my site via the admin panel. The backup seems to be working fine but when I click on Restore, I didn't see any backup and I have the following message: You can restore any of the backup packages found o[...]
Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types Capixo
28.01.2023 09:18
10 542 WikiAdmin
09.02.2023 14:02
@WikiAdmin Uhmm...So it's probably a stupid question. [As I pointed out in my previous comment, I lost all the data from my wiki site, including the database. And I didn't have time to rebuild my site until the last few days. I seem to have[...]
Does wackowiki allow users to use templates Capixo
25.10.2022 10:43
5 672 Capixo
01.12.2022 23:33
I know that "templates" already have a specific meaning and object on wackowiki. But forgive me, because I can't find any other exact word to describe it. Does wackowiki have a feature that allows users to easily call a template when creati[...]
Internal Links using PageID coffe1nk
18.10.2022 16:05
10 630 WikiAdmin
22.10.2022 11:57
Hi Admin, Sometimes, I reorganized wiki pages (moving to another sub-page, rename wiki) and it will break the links from another pages. Can we use wiki PageId to create links because PageId never be changed. Thanks and Regards,
How to reset password of Admin account? Capixo
25.06.2022 15:12
7 1,137 WikiAdmin
30.06.2022 09:39
Hello Everyone, I am administrator of my WackoWiki website but unfortunately I forget my password. And when I tried to sent reset email, I just didn't receive any emails in my registered email address. But I didn't see any error occupied wh[...]