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Replacing INDEX as a menu option bear
03.06.2020 16:20
7 1,092 WikiAdmin
08.06.2020 08:41
Admin > Content > Menu Add, edit or remove default menu items I am not able to add Index as a menu item. SO what am I doing wrong?
Upgrade to 6.0 WikiAdmin
13.10.2019 14:41
1 1,400 Mangalor
20.05.2020 11:46
If you have questions or problems upgrading your previous version to WackoWiki 6.0.x
Session duration problem Mangalor
24.07.2018 07:46
3 1,681 WikiAdmin
03.05.2020 11:55
There is annoying problem with session duration in WackoWiki 5.5.5 – if duration of page editing is pretty long then results of editing are not saved, the banner "Welcome back, User" appears on the top and content of the page is as before editing.
Does it support tagging? XaRz
26.04.2020 12:37
3 972 WikiAdmin
27.04.2020 09:18
Hello, Perhaps is a silly question, but I can't see how to add tags to the content. It's possilble? thanks,
Moving from one domain to another: any automated process already done to changes the urls? XaRz
25.04.2020 19:31
2 776 XaRz
25.04.2020 23:24
Hi, I'm new to wackowiki and I've surely done the things wrong. I moved my wiki from domainA to domainB with only changing the config file and moving the db and web files. Well, the urls are pointing yet to domainA . I need to rewrite [...]
SQLite? berot3
21.01.2020 14:25
1 949 WikiAdmin
21.01.2020 14:49
Is it possible to use sqlite (https://www.php.net/manual/de/sqlite.installation.php) instead of a full-blown DB? I think it would nice to have sqlite for smaller wikis.
Blank page after install. 18.04 LAMP walttheboss
29.11.2019 02:40
9 2,623 walttheboss
13.12.2019 07:19
Ubuntu server 18.04 with Kubuntu Desktop. Did normal install on LAMP phpmyadmin for the database. Ran installed and all was fine. Location: /var/www/html/wackowiki After install I only get a blank page. View Page Source is also blank. [...]
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If-Modified-Since header does not works Abram4
09.06.2019 18:18
2 1,406 WikiAdmin
12.06.2019 07:36
It does not reseive 304 code.
Cannot switch theme Abram4
04.05.2019 13:23
6 1,480 WikiAdmin
09.06.2019 19:25
Hi. Switch theme from AdminPanel does not effect, active theme still is "default". Checked on clean install R 5.5.9, XAMPP, PHP 7.2.12 Any idea ?
Search by keyword and page description megaego
16.05.2019 10:31
3 943 megaego
22.05.2019 06:21
Prompt the parameters of the action search so that the search would work for the klyuev words and the description that are in the properties of the page.